Our Masjid offers a range of services for the social, spiritual and moral improvement of the Muslim community

Daily Salah (Prayer)

The 5 obligatory Salahs are offered in Jama’ah on a daily basis.

Weekly Jumu'ah (Friday)

Jumu’ah Salah is offered in congregation on a weekly basis every Friday.


Short Halaqahs of Ahadith, Tafsir etc. are delivered after the obligatory Salahs based on timing and availability.

Nikah (Islamic Marriage)

Nikahs (Marriages) are performed according to the principles and teachings of Islam.

Janazah (Funeral Service)

Janazahs (Funerals) are conducted according to the teachings of Islam.

Qur'an/Islamic Classes

Classes and programs are conducted to teach individuals of all ages the Qur’an and Islamic studies.

Shahadah (Accepting Islam)

Taking the Shahadah and accepting the religion of Islam or learning more about Islam.

Classes For New Muslims

Classes and programs specifically for those individuals who recently accepted Islam.


1 on 1 counseling for those who are struggling with their faith, spirituality, marriage, youth etc.